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Why partner with us?

Earn industry-leading commissions for each booking.

Promote our tours anywhere with our referral program. You can post a referral link on your site, blog, or social media channels or print our referral QR code so your customers can scan it. You can promote individual pages or our entire site. You earn with each booking.

Low Risk, High Reward

With affiliate marketing, there’s no need to invest in any inventory or recruit others. You simply promote our tours (this could be as simple as writing a blog entry or a social media post) and earn a commission on any bookings that result.

Passive Income Potential

Generate income while you sleep! After setting up your promotional channels (such as blogs, social media posts, tour reviews, etc.), you can earn income 24/7. With the right promotional schedule, you can scale things up for unlimited income potential.

You are in Control

As an affiliate partner, you have more control over the tours you promote. You can focus on popular programs with visitors such as the JFK or Dallas tours, or you can advertise experiences targeting a wider audience, such as our wine and brewery tours.

Seize the Digital Goldrush.

With total e-commerce revenue in America reaching $1,137 billion as of 2023, the digital landscape presents a wealth of opportunities. Posting a few times a week could potentially translate into earning thousands of dollars each month.

There are no monthly limits, earning caps, or restrictions. You are in control of your commissions.

You earn $5.00 - $20.00 for each booking generated by your referral for up to six months from the client clicking on your link or scanning your QR code. Start earning commissions today. .


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Frequent Asked Questions

The Program (4)

There is no limit to how much you can earn each month, commission caps, obligations, or minimum commitments.

What is this program about?
Our Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing initiative where affiliates promote our tours in exchange for booking commissions. When a user clicks on the affiliate link or scans an affiliate QR code that directs them to our site and they book one of our tours, you will receive a commission!
How do I get started?
Who can participate in the Affiliate Program?
Do all sites and social media channels qualify for the Affiliate Program?

Payments (5)

We pay every month on the 16th. You can keep track of your earnings in your affiliate dashboard.

How much does participation cost?
How are sales tracked?
How much will I earn?
How are commisions paid?
When are commisions paid?

Promotions (6)

Promote our tours anywhere with our referral program. You can post your referral link on your site, blog, or social media channels.

How do I create an affiliate link?
Visit your affiliate dashboard, click the "Make affiliate link" button, select a tour you would like to promote from the dropdown menu, and click "Create link ."
How do I create an affiliate QR code?
Visit your affiliate dashboard, click the "Make affiliate QR code" button, select a tour you would like to promote from the dropdown menu and click "Create link ."
How should I write about te tours on my site or social media channels?
We're glad you asked! Reviews and comparison articles are among the highest-converting types of content created by affiliates. The highest number of referrals we have received in the last 12 months came from social media posts and a couple of articles, one targeting team-building activities and the second about things to do in Dallas; each of these stories generate 5 to 10 bookings each month.
Why people would want to book your tours?
Here are a few reasons why our guests love our tours and great points to use when you promote our products:
1 — Consistent quality: Sometimes, you book a tour with a company, and the tour guide is the "best tour guide in the world." Other times, it is the opposite.... the reality is that it is a lottery game. We offer the best guides all the time. All our tours are led by certified and professional tour guides with decades of experience. Each tour program is carefully crafted to ensure each guest has an incredible experience.
2 — Unmatch Flexibility: We only offer private tours; the guests are in total control; whether they want to start at 8 AM or noon, we will make it work.
3 — We do all the planning: Whether the guest wants to arrange lunch or dinner after the tour or get tickets for the Nasher Sculpture Center or the Sixth Floor Museum, we will plan and put together the perfect program based on client requirements and schedule constraints.
4 — Easy, Easy, Easy: Our self-guided tours can be enjoyed on any mobile phone; there are no downloads, applications, special equipment, or requirements. A phone and a pair of headphones are all the guest needs.
5 — It's supposed to be FUN: Each of our tours' objectives is to highlight the best of North Texas, its rich culture, lively food scene, vibrant art institutions, great attractions, and incredible history. Our goal is to ensure Dallas—Fort Worth is the best destination in Texas!
I have more than one Web site or social media account. Can promote the tours from each site?
Yes. Feel free to share our tours on various websites and social media platforms as part of our Affiliate Program. The more you post and promote our tours, the more referrals you'll likely generate. You can track the performance of each channel using your affiliate dashboard by creating unique codes for each one. Note that separate tracking is not mandatory.
How do you track referrals coming from my Web site or social media account?
An affiliate ID is assigned when you sign up through our online form. Affiliate links use a special format that includes this code. Every time a customer follows one of those links to our site, this unique URL tells us which page to display as well as which afffiliate sent the customer to us. We keep track of the affiliate ID as the customer browses through our Web site, and even if they close their browser and come back later that day or within six months of the original click.

About Our Products (4)

Guests LOVE our tours, they will thank you.

What is unique about your tours?
We plan each event thinking about the guests who will enjoy the experience. Each tour is crafted by a professional event planner with the assistance of a professional tour guide. The program/itenerary of each tour is optimized based on the feedback we received from thousands of guests who have participated in our tours over the years.
What sets our tous apart?
Only Private and Self-Guided Tours: We only operate private and self-guided tours, each focused on you and your guests. All our private tours require a minimum of six guests. Self-guided tours offer freedom and flexibility, and no minimum number of guests is required.
Curated Experiences: Whether you’re wandering through the Stockyards, savoring local BBQ, or enjoying the outlandish tale of Bonnie and Clyde, our experiences are designed to connect you with the heart of the city, its culture, history, and vibrant food scene.
Flexibility: There are no rigid schedules or fixed programs. You choose the program, start time, and duration, allowing flexibility and a unique experience. We do all the planning.
Who are these tours for?
These tours are for a diverse audience, locals or visitors, for every demographic with a keen interest in history, culture, art, architecture, and a taste for great food and drinks!

Whether you live in Dallas - Fort Worth and are getting together with friends next week and want to immerse yourself in the FK Assassination, discover all the hidden gems around downtown Dallas, or visit North Texas for the weekend and would like to enjoy a great experience and truly get a sense of what Dallas-Fort Worth is about, these tours are for you.
Why is promoting Dallas-Fort Worth as a destination essential?
Promoting Dallas-Fort Worth as a destination benefits everyone. Tourism boosts the local economy's revenue, creates thousands of jobs, triggers infrastructure development, and plants a sense of cultural exchange between visitors and locals. It is vital for the success of the North Texas economy.

There is no limit to how much you can earn each month, commission caps, obligations, or minimum commitments.

After a guest clicks your referral link or scans your QR code, we will track whether they book any of our tours in the next six months. The more referrals you drive through the program, the higher your total commission can be with each booking.